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Vision E models bridge the gap in Sands sprayer range

Sands Agricultural Machinery Ltd, the Norfolk based sprayer manufacturer, has introduced another model to its highly successful range of Vision self-propelled sprayers. Currently offering 3, 4 and 5500 litre machines, Sands became aware of the need for a slightly higher capacity machine at the smaller end of the market and also a high clearance machine that could cope with excessive gradients and working across the slope. As such the 3.0 & 3.5 E models were borne.

The E version of the standard 3.0 Vision was first made two years ago at the request of an East Yorkshire farmer, Julian Read at Burton Agnes Stud Company, who required a 30m boom but with a 3000 litre capacity. Sands’ experience of wider booms led them to suggest to Julian that the wider boom would ‘ride’ better on a longer chassis.  The 3.0 E was manufactured using the 300mm longer chassis of the 4.0 Vision but with the 129Kw (177hp) engine and standard running gear of the 3.0 machine. This gave a much improved boom ride in the field with significantly less yaw when turning on the headland. Stability was also much improved due the tank height reducing by approximately 200mm.

Since this original E machine was delivered in spring 2012 it has covered a total of 16,000 hectares, applying chemical and liquid fertilisers to 930 hectares of arable land. With the experience and positive feedback gained on this machine, Sands were able to offer the E version to those working on extremely steep gradients. Fitted with the standard 24m boom the next Vision 3.0 E went to Andrew Davies of Wormsely, Herefordshire. Much of the cropped land is extremely steep and requires the sprayer to work both across the slope and up and down. His machine is also fitted with SMART Drive traction control from hydraulic drive specialists Poclain. This is a huge benefit when climbing hills - with the majority of the weight transferred to the rear axle - and when crossing the slope, when the top two wheels have less weight than the lower two and would normally spin out. The SMART Drive keeps all four wheels driving in both these conditions allowing the sprayer to keep moving across or up the hill. Andrew comments that compared to his previous sprayer the stability of the E model allows him to spray with both safety and confidence on even the worst of his fields.

With this totally positive response to the Vision E Sands are now offering a 3500 litre capacity model, the 3.5E. This is only available with a 24m boom - so as to keep the overall weight and maximum tank height to a minimum. For those requiring booms over 24m then the maximum tank capacity remains at 3000 litres.    Two 24m, 3.5 E machines have already been ordered and Sands expect this model to fill the gap between the standard 3.0 and the larger, higher specification 4 and 5:5 models.