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High Performance Sprayers

Sands Agricultural Machinery

+44 (0)1692 580522

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Sands Agricultural Machinery Limited has developed an extra high clearance version of the Vision self-propelled sprayer in order to meet the requirements of customers requiring greater underbelly clearance and wider track widths.

Available in either the 3 or 3500 litre Vision models or the larger capacity Horizons, the High Clearance model is fitted with taller wheel carriers and larger diameter wheels to give a true 1250mm clearance from front to back. All hydraulic pipes and fittings to the wheel motors are carefully routed to keep the underbelly tidy and smooth further reducing crop damage. An adjustable metric axle from 2-2.3m (78-90in) is fitted to allow the user to work in varying rowcrop widths and also to give the same narrow turning circle as the standard machine.

On the Horizon model the latest Michelin Spraybib tyres are used (380/90 R46) which have an excellent load carrying capacity and feature ‘Ultraflex Technology’ to give the maximum footprint for a narrow tyre.

Having gained ground clearance the maximum nozzle height has increased to 2.85m, but with an extended mast and two-stage main lift ram, he minimum boom height has remained the same as the standard model at just 0.6m. Removable lower mast sections again reduce crop damage when working in tall crops.

This specification of machine is available to customers both overseas and here in the UK.