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High Performance Sprayers

Sands Agricultural Machinery

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All sprayers from either the Horizon or Vision range are available with GPS control systems. Depending on customer needs these can be as simple as a guidance light bar right up to RTK corrected steering with auto section shut off, field recording, mapping, variable rate applications (VRA), etc and also with the option of auto boom levelling.

Sand’s work closely with the major suppliers of this equipment, namely Agleader, Topcon, Trimble, Norac and Mueller in order to fit the required system for each individual customer. At Sands we are happy discuss customer needs based on what they may currently have on farm and what they require the sprayer to do.

The most requested system and our default fitment for auto section shut off is either the Agleader Integra or Versa. This is a system that was initially designed for use in a sprayer and as such the operator interface is extremely clear and easy to follow. Reliability and accuracy of application are also second to none. Both units can be upgraded to fully integrated auto steer with RTK correction and the Norac auto boom levelling option can also be interfaced through the same control unit – reducing the amount of ‘boxes’ in the cab.


For Agleader & Norac go to: www.precise-solutions.co.uk

For Trimble South go to:  www.ascommunications.co.uk

For Trimble North go:  www.soilessentials.co.uk

For Mueller go to:   www.dkelectronics.co.uk

For Topcon go to:  www.lh-agro.co.uk

For Topcon with YARA go to: www.precisiondecisions.co.uk

Horizon 55 30m

Horizon 55 30m