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Sands Agricultural Machinery

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Welcome to the Sands gallery page, which we hope to fill with various “interesting” pictures of Sand’s Sprayers.  In order to get more variety please feel free to email your pictures to tsands@samltd.co.uk and we’ll upload them on a regular basis.

Sands at Suffolk Show 2008

Not all Sands are orange

Salisbury contractor Marcus Light takes delivery of his new Vision 4.0

Sands keep on going!  29 years old and now used as a fishing rig off the coast of Foulness Island, Essex

East Yorkshire farming company JSR Farms Limited takes delivery of its second Sands sprayer, a Vision 4000. This joins an existing two year old Sands which has covered over 70,000 acres of spraying and fertilising in its time at JSR.

Having had a full factory refurbishment at the request of the customer, this 4000 litre 32m SLc is being exported to Oulchy-Le-Chateau, South West of Paris.

1989 SAM DB based 2500 litre

A busy day at Cereals 2009

New Vision at Cereals 2009

First fully hydraulic duo stocks applicator delivered in 2009

Machine testing prior to delivery to Hungary

JSR's new Vision 4.0  24m October 2012

 Delivery of new 5.5 32m August 2011

This machine does 30,000 acres a year

15 years old and immaculate

Steve from Parilla Potatoes in South Australia

Mr Pike taking delivery of new sprayer for Christmas in New Zealand

8 machines lined up for delivery in New Zealand

Vision 4000 ‘E’ climbing very steep hills in Dorset

Vicon Demount Kit

KRM Demount Kit

Variable geometry the Sands way

Sands sprayers just won’t retire!

One new and one second-hand machine loaded up and leaving to Sweden for existing customer.

Leaving LAMMA after a busy show January 2012

Ready for a busy day at Cereals 2012

The popular 4.0 ‘E’ with 36m boom

Setting of a new 4.0 30m Vision October 2012

Recent machines on way to new customers

Not many people about at 7am!  LAMMA 2012

Neal Sands receiving Business of the Year Award 2012 from Stuart White of the BBC.

Father and Son with Business of the Year Award 2012

Neal Sands with Business of the Year Award 2012

Delivery of new Vision to join existing machines.


2 Visions ready for work at JSR Farms


Special 5500 litre with 36m aluminium boom

The first Horizon sprayer has left the building and is heading for Sweden

Sand’s new Horizon self propelled sprayer